Spherion: Celebrating the 2014 Emerging Workforce Study

Celebrating the Evolution of the Worker   

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How I used to roll at work circa 1994

It may be too obvious to say that work has changed tremendously in recent years.  The tools I used 20 years ago are so different than the ones I use today that I actually can’t comprehend how I used to get my job done.  In 1994, I had a desktop computer at work, and another at home.  I carried a pocket beeper so my boss or fellow managers could “beep” me to call them back while travelling.  Fax machines were critically important, as were floppy disks.  I did have email and the Internet, which we called the World Wide Web.  There was no Google.

It isn’t like that now fortunately, and Spherion collects data every year to track the changes we experience in the workplace. This is useful info for HR professionals. The findings of the 2013 Emerging Workforce Study can be viewed here.

Spherion will release findings from its new 2014 Emerging Workforce Study in early April, marking the most recent year of research that began in 1997. Over more than 15 years, Spherion has surveyed nearly 200,000 workers to document groundbreaking research and report on important trends in the workforce.

  • The survey offers great statistics and trend information for HR managers and businesses, as well as providing tips on how to bridge the widening gap between employers’ and employees’ views.
  • The survey also includes data on generational differences, work-life balance and how social/digital media can impact HR strategies to increase engagement, productivity and retention, among other topics important to the workplace.

My work life for the past twenty years is essentially reflected in the infographic from Spherion featured below, except I never owned a purple suit.

The Evolution of the Worker Infographic

To highlight some of the interesting trends the EWS has uncovered over the last fifteen years, Spherion has developed an infographic depicting the evolution of the worker.

From downsizing and ethics scandals to reputational issues and social media, Spherion has tracked the major influences on workers and how they, their expectations and needs have changed over time and what it means for the future.

EOW Final (2)Sample data includes:

  • In 2005, time and flexibility ranked highest by workers as retention drivers, signaling a significant shift in workers’ desires for greater work-life balance. This has continued as a priority ever since and intensified as Millennials entered the workforce.
  • In 2012, workers reported that a company’s online reputation is a major consideration when contemplating a job offer. It’s certainly not just about the compensation package anymore.

Key study findings:

  • 46% of workers agree that the recession has made them more interested in pursuing a work arrangement outside of traditional full-time employment.
  • 45 percent of all workers believe a company’s social media outlet is influential when choosing a new employer, yet only 27 percent of companies believe social media outlets are influential on how a candidate views their organization.

Want to win a valuable prize?

In conjunction with releasing Spherion’s Evolution of the Worker infographic, Spherion is also releasing a new “Job or Career?” quiz to provide workers more information about their own “job or career” mindset.

The quiz is designed for consumers, HR professionals, employers, candidates and others who want to educate themselves more about applicable career topics.

Because you spend most of your waking hours at work, it’s important to know if your daily commitment to your job or career is fulfilling your work goals. This quiz, based on 15 years of research conducted by Spherion, will help you figure out if you are in a job or a career, and what steps to take to better improve your work life.

By taking the quiz on this site, you will be entered to win an American Express gift card! Simply post your results from the quiz as a comment on this post to enter.

Taking the quiz will also enter users to win one of three Career Boost Business Packs from Spherion that include an iPad Air and an assortment of other office essentials to help on their path to success!

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