Special Webinar on Learning Design Strategy

Learning, properly, should have an impact. It’s about systematically changing behavior, developing new skills to meet ever-changing needs. That’s why we invest in learning: training or elearning. If elearning doesn’t make an impactwho cares how accessible or affordable is seems? It’s actually undermining your goals for increasing expertise, effectiveness and productivity.

Too much of what is done under this umbrella isn’t sufficient. It’s quite simply not effective. Here’re some signs that your elearning might not be working:

  • Your learning unit develops courses on demand
  • You work from PDFs and PPTs to develop your course
  • You have a knowledge quiz at the end
  • You use libraries to add graphics & interactions
  • Your learners avoid the courses
  • You track completion
  • You evaluate impact by learner feedback

burning moneyIf you’re spending money to develop elearning, and it has any of the above features, there’s a strong chance you’re burning money.

The good news is that it’s not as hard to change as you think! The design processes you are using now, the ones that reflect the above issues, are not that far removed from ones that offer real outcomes. Yes, there are changes, but they’re changes within the process, not fundamental. You can be making changes that will make a marginal impact on the development measures, but a real impact on the learning outcomes.  It’s not trivial, but it is doable.

If this is of interest, I’m offering a free webinar to talk through the issues. It’s not for everyone: if you don’t have the authority or the resources to make a change, there are other posts that talk through the opportunities. This webinar is for those who really want to explore the possibilities. If that’s something you want to be thinking about, if you’d really like to consider consider how you get from here to there, I encourage you to keep reading.

Webinar: 7 Unbelievable eLearning Mistakes

Date: December 7

Time: 10 AM to 11AM Pacific

Via: Zoom Conference Service

Have you been concerned about your learning design: whether your designs are actually producing results? Ultimately, is your elearning changing behaviors, developing skills, and increasing capacity? And how do you know?  There are a lot of reasons to believe that most elearning is not delivering on the promise. And yet elearning has the potential to be a powerful tool for organizational excellence. The barriers are not unsurmountable; we know the problems, and steps to change.  However, as has been said: “When all is said and done, more is said than done.” I want to give you the chance to take the steps. In this complimentary webinar we’ll explore barriers to getting measurable results from elearning.

This isn’t your usual webinar, however. Here we are specifically talking to organizations that want their elearning to actually have an impact. If you don’t have the resources and position to make a change, this really isn’t for you. If you want your organization to take it more seriously, invite your boss ;).

This is for you, if:

  • You’re ready to look at your elearning with a serious eye
  • You want to ensure that you are getting value for your investment
  • You need to operate in the real world, under real constraints
  • You’re willing to invest for a real change that has impact

This isn’t for you if:

  • You are happy with the status quo
  • You haven’t the authority or the resources to make a change

If you are ready to take a serious look at your elearningI invite you to sign up.  There’s a limit to how many can attend, so please register early. When you register I’ll send you the necessary details. Hope to see you!

Just click here for the signup form.

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