Speaking Your Truth: Leading From Within

emotional intelligence, intuition, speaking your truthLeaders who speak their truth are impassioned and bold. They speak with their heart and mind allowing their integrity and wisdom to come forth and affect change. Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King are but a few who have spoken their truth and made life altering changes to our world.

Heart and intuition

Speaking your truth is about coming from that place of heart and intuition without regard for what others may think and feel about you. It is about having the confidence, calmness and presence to deliver what is inside knowing, as a friend told me, “I have information that is important to you and your success”.

Two conversations

We are often confronted with two conversations in our mind. Think of it as having a piece of paper with two columns. In the left column is what we want to say and in the right column is what we do say. When having a conversation, addressing a group or writing an article, we often say what we think the other wants to hear as opposed to saying what we truly mean.

Sometimes this is to our benefit, specifically when we use tools from emotional intelligence (see my post on emotional intelligence) and pause giving ourselves time to think before we speak out of emotion. In this context, using two columns is very useful towards productive conversation and outcomes.

Your truth needs to be heard

In most cases, holding back dialogue and speaking from the right column cheats the world from your gifts, talents and inner light. The world, your community or your organization needs leaders who speak from this place. The world needs to hear all of the good and bad that may come from being open, honest and speaking the truth. It is in this way we can see all sides and make decisions to create a better place.

Are you speaking your truth? Are you expressing what the world needs to hear, no matter the outcome. The bigger question is, “what are you and the world losing by not speaking your truth?

Leaders who change the world, their community, their organization and themselves speak their truth.

It’s time to speak yours.

Derek Lauber

image courtesy: dougbelshaw

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