Sophie Lemieux: The HR Interview

We continue to travel around the world during this stretch of the HR Interview series. We’re jumping over to North America for a moment and learn about Sophie Lemieux, a Human Resources professional based in Montreal, Canada. I’ve known Sophie for a number of years. We met at HRevolution way back in 2010–where does the time go?–and since then she’s developed even further as an accomplished Human Resources practitioner. Sophie is also active on social media–check out her Twitter stream here, and see her writing on the multi-contributor Human Resources blog, Women of HR.

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State your name. rank, and serial number (aka who you are and what you do).

My name is Sophie Lemieux and I am the VP of Human Resources at a really awesome company called Acquisio. I’ve been working in HR for almost 20 years…oufff…and have a passion for helping companies grow and become more successful!!

How do you help your organization reach its strategic objectives?

By being close to the business needs, managers needs, employees needs. Understanding the business. And finding creative and cheap solutions to help grow the organisation.

At one point you “lost your passion” for Human Resources, going so far as to enroll in school to obtain a real estate certification. What changed your mind about the profession?

Internal politics and people that don’t have their heart at the right place. I like being in a working environment where people work to grow the business not their own ego. And at that point in my career, I had had my load of bad experiences. Today, I have the privilege in working with competent, passionate people that feel good about themselves and don’t need to play games. We all work in the same direction. And this feeling is really strong and ego’s don’t survive here. No time for this!

You were a Human Resources consultant for a number of years. What did being a business owner teach you?

The responsibility of having your own business…you need to take the drivers seat! And you are alone on top. You are responsible of your success and need to have leadership skills and be very autonomous! I learned that I was very autonomous in my work. But I also learned that I loved being part of team in a fast growing business. Being part of something bigger than HR consulting.

We’ve met in person, first at HRevolution 2010 and again at the 2011 event in Atlanta. How do events like these support your growth and development as a Human Resources professional?

I identify myself more to a group like that then here in Quebec. I love the passion and knowledge of this group. I’m proud to be part of it and share HR thoughts with the group. It inspires me alot!

And this is a very resourceful group. For example, I needed to get an HR software and it’s in talking with someone from HRevolution that I found the best match for us!

What are some of the ways in which you keep up with current business or HR related news and info?

Reading many blogs from members of HRevolution! I also started a discussion group with HR professionals who are in similar businesses to Acquisio, here in Montreal. We meet every month for 2.5 hours and discuss a specific topic.

What’s the next challenge for you, professionally speaking?

I think I still have a lot to learn and offer here at Acquisio: managing offices internationally for one, and helping the company get to the next growth stage. There are plans to acquire businesses and I want to be a part of this when the time comes.

I hear you’re getting the itch to blog, again. When can we expect to see more of your thoughts online?

Good question! I need to fit it in my crazy schedule! Recently, I trained for and ran a half marathon. After that, hopefully, I will find the time because I love doing it!!!

(Editor’s Note: Since the time of this interview Sophie has begun to write again! Check out a recent blog post here.)

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