#SocialRecruiting survey shows LinkedIn beats Facebook big style!

 Bullhorn released a very revealing infographic this week based on their survey of 35,000 recruiters (2012 Bullhorn Reach Social Recruiting Activity Report) regarding social recruiting. I have taken a section out of it above, which shows how recruiters are using social media for recruitment. Any noticeable surprises?

Probably not for most people! Well there is one for me………… Why the hell isn’t that LinkedIn figure higher?

LinkedIn is the recruiters primary social media recruiting tool (for most sectors) and still too many recruiters appear not to be using its benefits to find and recruit candidates. To coin a Twitter phrase – #stunned! Seriously why is it still so underused when it is such a no-brainer recruitment tool? [And for all you recruiters reading this, just because you have a LinkedIn profile, it doesn’t mean you are actually USING it as a recruiting tool!]

Some of the other stats that came out of the survey backs my point up:

    • Recruiters add more Twitter followers to their network per week than Facebook, and they will grow their Twitter networks much faster than their networks on Facebook.
    • LinkedIn drives three times the amount of job views of Twitter and six times that of Facebook.
    • LinkedIn also drives almost nine times more applications than Facebook and three times more than Twitter.

To have a look at the full infographic created by the Bullhorn data, click here – it is one of the better graphics I have seen in a while.

So the question is for me – why are recruiters still not taking advantage of the huge potential of social media sites like LinkedIn and Twitter? 

  • Fear?
  • Time worries?
  • Lack of understanding?
  • Lack of management buy-in?

My message is simple. Dive into the social recruiting waters – they are warmer than you think! You never know, you might actually surprise yourself with good social media is as a recruiting tool 🙂

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