SocialEars: Laser Focused Marketing and PR. The Easy Way.

Disclaimer: This is a promotional blog post – a flat out commercial for SocialEars. But I think you’ll find it very interesting. And I believe the post will give you a better understanding of why social media analytics software – like SocialEars – is critical for marketing and PR success in today’s business environment.

So, what is the business value of SocialEars ? And how are companies using SocialEars for better marketing and PR? I get asked this a lot.

The short answer: SocialEars helps HR vendors execute laser focused marketing and PR – better, faster, more efficiently and effectively.

Want some detail? Read on.

1. HRmarketer’s information databases track nearly 10,000 news and content sources in the HR and B2B marketplace including media outlets, journalists, analysts, and social “voices”. And our SocialEars media analytics algorithm analyzes the information. In just five months SocialEars has indexed nearly one million unique sources of content from the Tweets, Blogs and “shared” content from these sources. The content we analyze comes from the crème de la crème sources within the HR and B2B industry and these “conversations” shape and are representative of the marketplace. In short, they generate our trending topic tag clouds – and these tag clouds are what’s trending.

2. SocialEars also indexes/analyzes the “content” that Tweets link to. This is very important. It dramatically expands our reach. For example, if Mary Jane has 5 twitter followers and follows 10 people she is likely not on your radar. But if her content is shared within the HR marketplace, we have it. In short, we have a huge amount of HR content to draw from in our SocialEars databases. More than anyone. I feel pretty confident about saying that.

This allows marketing and PR departments to do a few really important tasks and addresses some critical pain points.

For example, if you have news to share on Employee Engagement you want to know who the “people” are that have been talking about employee engagement online — say, within the last month or so — people who have tweeted about the topic, wrote blog posts, shared related stories on their LinkedIn or Facebook sites, journalists who’ve written articles and analysts who’ve covered the subject.

SocialEars can deliver this list (note: screen shot below is a partial list).

From here you can determine who to engage. And SocialEars/ helps you make this decision by:

  • Showing their influence score from leading influence ranking services.
  • Showing the person’s topic tag cloud (generated by SocialEars) to see what they most frequently discuss online – with links to the original content.
  • Showing their recent blog posts and Tweets.
  • Giving you the person’s bio and quick links to their social channels.
  • Allowing you to search and view their archived content from their social channels – on any topic.

You can then email these people (if they allow it), follow them on Twitter, connect with them via LinkedIn or other social channels and add them to an existing news distribution list within your HRmarketer software – or, create a new list.

Equally important, for the topic you searched on (e.g., employee engagement) you can get a list of the top content on this subject. You can learn from it for your own competitive or marketplace intelligence, quickly re-tweet or share the content on your social channels, save it to a private folder, or post comments to selected content (e.g., a blog post or online article).

And of course, you can grow your own social network and followers, find speakers for conferences/webinars, and many other needs.

This is not your grandfather’s PR. This is laser focused marketing and PR for 2012 and beyond. It’s about filtering through the noise and getting to what really matters. And then acting on it. Get familiar with it.

BTW – this was the subject of a recent webinar we hosted with guest speaker Lance Haun titled Understanding Today’s Media Relations and Social PR. Listen to it here. Following this webinar we received a comment from a marketing/PR person in the HR space. She said “People are desperately looking for ideas, solutions, tips and answers on how to do things better, faster, more efficiently and effectively.

It’s here. And it goes by the name of SocialEars.

Thanks for reading. If you want a demo, contact us! Or, better yet. Watch one today! Sign-up now for our SocialEars demo on Thursday, December 9, from 1-1:30 pm ET (11-11:30 am PT) and get a iTunes gift card for watching.

Post by HRmarketer CEO Mark Willaman. Join Mark on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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