Today I visited a very cool company in the South Park neighborhood of San Francisco. These guys have developed what looks to be an ideal enterprise social learning platform. Internet Time Alliance will soon have an instance of the software for you to play with.

South Park is an old neighborhood by San Francisco standards, founded a scant four years after the discovery of gold that put San Francisco on the map. In the late 1990s, South Park was ground-zero for the dot-com revolution because rents were dirt cheap. A year later, space was so hard to find that landlords demanded a piece of the action to lease space in South Park.

Socialcast’s office is at the eastern entrance to Southpark. Soon they will be moving to larger quarters across the street.

All over town, agile companies are working in open offices. Open door policy? Not needed. People have removed the doors or turned them into stands for giant monitors. Here’s the inside of Socialcast. (An award-winning chef was setting up for their weekly catered lunch when I walked through.)

Offices? We don’t need no stinking offices.


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