Social Technologies Offer New Paths to Achieve Old Business Objectives

When I tell people that 2020 Social helps clients achieve business objectives by leveraging social technologies, they are sometimes confused. If these social technologies are indeed so powerful, why would you want to use them to achieve old business objectives? Haven’t the business objectives changed themselves along with customer behavior?

The business objectives remain the same — increase revenue, decrease cost and time to market, build better products and processes — the path to achieving these business objectives has changed with the adoption of social technologies.

For instance, one path to achieve the business objective of decreasing support cost is by enabling customers to solve each others’ problems using a customer driven support forum built on Lithium or Jive.

One path to decrease the cost and time to market for product and process innovation is to ask customers what they want using an ideation platform built on Salesforce Ideas, Lithium Ideas or Accept Ideas.

One path to increase revenues is to increase conversion and cross-selling rates by using customer ratings, reviews, Q&A, wishlists and stories, using a social commerce solution like Bazaarvoice.

In all these cases, the business objective has remained the same, but the path to achieve that business objective is possible only because of the emergence of social technologies. For more, ask us how.

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I am co-founder of social business strategy company 20:20 Social. In my previous avatars, I have held senior marketing roles at the Tata Group, taught social media at Georgetown University, and co-founded Vote Report India. Do read my bio and consider interviewing me for a story, inviting me to speak at an event, or asking me to help you with your social business strategy.

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