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Social Recruiting Leaders: 10 To Watch


10 Twitter accounts to help speed you on your path to becoming a knowledgeable at social recruiting.

In the third in our series of Social Recruiting articles, I want to help speed you on your path to becoming a knowledgeable recruiter in the #socialrecruiting space. Who can you really get great insights from if you’re trying to learn about leveraging social media to hire talent?

In my role, I am constantly scouring the web for the latest developments and trends in social media. On the one side I’m looking for resources that will help candidates to use social media in their job search. But on the other side, I’m hunting for tips, data, new technologies and trends that will help recruiters to embrace and be more effective at social recruiting.

Below I share ten twitter accounts that you will benefit immensely from following. The first five are advisors or experts in social recruiting and social media; the next five are more actively involved in recruiting, people we’ve seen embracing social recruiting and focusing on sharing great content and engaging rather than pure promotion.

5 Social Recruiting / Social Media Experts To Follow


Founder Sirona Consulting – social recruiting strategy and social media in recruitment. Author & Speaker…

Why follow? Andy tells it like it is. His blog posts are comprehensive and give the “warts and all” view of social recruiting. You’ll learn something of value every time you read his posts. Plus he’s a good curator of other people’s social recruiting content and gives great one-on-one advice.


CEO of which is a site all about Social Media Tools. Writer for Social Media Examiner

Why follow? Ian’s twitter stream is a constant source of insight into the latest social media technologies. I particularly value the  updates on tweaks and changes being rolled out on the various platforms and how they are likely to impact you.


Most Connected Woman on LinkedIn, social media recruiter / trainer, entrepreneur, techie, blogger, career / job search tips…

Why follow? Where should I start?! Stacy’s a great curator of social media and social recruiting content. She’s also extremely well connected and willing to jump in and help others / facilitate connections. 


Recruiter, Sourcer, Trainer & Social Recruiting enthusiast… Director of Social Talent

Why follow? Johnny Campbell and the team at Social Talent produce an outstanding series of advice articles and video tutorials on using Facebook, LinkedIn and the like for social recruiting purposes. You can’t help but learn something new from the team there.


Helping employers with their digital strategies since ‘98. Recruitment Futurist, Mobile Evangelist, Social Pragmatist…

Why follow? If you follow me already, you may have seen me credit Matt Alder with piquing my interest in social media and the ways in which it would come to transform the recruiting landscape. Matt’s a great visionary about how mobile technology and social media are going to impact recruiting – so following him means you’re well placed to be one step ahead of the pack.

5 Recruiters To Follow

This list is a little more subjective – and in truth could easily run to dozens of recruiters worthy of a follow (note to self – one to follow up on if enough people request it in the comments field below!). I present you these five as examples of the way recruiters can curate content, engage, infuse their stream with their personalities – in essence have a presence on twitter that makes people want to interact with them and is much more than a simple plugging of job opportunities…


PwC, HR Director, human resources, recruiting, social media, loves rock & alternative music


Recruiter for Philips & Mom to Twins! Love Social Media & Football! @NCStateAlumni! Tweet for @PhilipsJobsNA…


Strategist/planner, truth seeker, problem solver, coach. Linking top B-School students with jobs…


Yup Yup | | #techjobs #webev #appdev #Recruiter | #MKE #WI #SMCMKE | #SocialMediaClub …


Engineering Sourcing Specialist @skype… I’m all about #socialmedia #sourcing and #recruiting. Also looks after @skypejobs

Learn from the content these people share – and from the way they conduct themselves on social media – and you will undoubtedly find yourself becoming more adept at social recruiting within a matter of weeks. Good luck!

I’m always eager to connect with social recruiting experts. If you’ve seen twitter accounts worthy of being added to this list, please feel free to add their links via the comments below. If this is the type of content that interests you, you can find me at @tonyrestell

Tony Restell (3 Posts)

This monthly Social Recruiting column is contributed by Tony Restell. Tony is the Founder of and a respected commentator in the online recruitment and social media sectors. A published author and Cambridge graduate, Tony spent his early career in strategy consulting before going on to build and sell an online recruitment business to Jobsite. He is focused on helping candidates and recruiters use social media to find their next career or their next hire.


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