Social Recruiting Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated


Social Recruiting SimplifedTalking with clients over the last few weeks about social recruiting and trying to help them understand what it really means for their recruitment, I have created this simple image to help. Let me explain…….

  1. EVERYBODY still reads email – many opening them on their mobiles. SO MAKE SURE that you take advantage of your candidate database and create an email marketing strategy. Segment your database, create the content strategy and send out regular targeted emails. 
    [Just make sure that is a mobile friendly email marketing platform, and that all links take you back to mobile optimised web pages – many of them will be read on a mobile after all!]
  2. Share your content via social media. Create, curate and share interesting and relevant content via the social media networks where your target audience is (and they are not all on LinkedIn by the way!) Also put all the social media sharing links on your emails so that they can be shared easily. Make it easy for people to share – the social media geeks call this ‘frictionless sharing’  – I just think your are totally stupid if you don’t do it!
  3. Don’t underestimate the power of SMS. Just because many people have got smart phones, they still use SMS every day. MORE IMPORTANTLY when a SMS message appears on your phone, it pops up right on your home screen – you can’t fail to notice it, and subsequently you react/reply to it.
  4. When was the last time you contacted a candidate on a land line? Exactly!! They are all on mobiles. And you still haven’t got a mobile enable website/career site? Are you mad?

Of course I am not saying that everything in recruiting is going to be only consumed on a mobile. BUT what I am saying is that you need to ensure that all your content CAN BE consumed on a mobile if that is the choice of the person reading it.

Now take another look at the image above – now does it make sense?


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