Social Media Strategy is Business Strategy Plus Technology Plus Sociology

I often tell friends that what I do at 2020 Social is one third business strategy, one third technology and one third sociology. So, I felt a strange sense of kinship when I saw this presentation by Altimeter Group’s Deborah Schultz focus on how engaging people on social media is less about technology and more about sociology:

I have also heard Beeline Lab’s Francois Gossieaux talk about how online communities have less to do with web 2.0 and more to do with human 1.0 during his Tribalization of Business talks:

So, when you sit down to think about the social media strategy for your brand next time, remember that it’s one third business strategy, one third technology and one third sociology.

You might be spot on on the business strategy and the technology, but unless you get the sociology and the storytelling right, you’ll fail to connect with your consumers.

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