Social Media ROI and Hippy 2.0… It all made sense..

I had the pleasure of doing this week’s radio show with Luis Suarez of IBM and Mark Masterson of CSC.  We started our conversation with a discussion of ROI for Social Media and ended up discussing Hippie 2.0 and a world without e-mail.  If you listen to the audio podcast it will all make sense.

This podcast ran 56 minutes with the first 5 minutes and 20 seconds being my coverage of top stories, the last 51 being a great conversation.  Feel free to either listen live here or navigate to the show page to listen and/or download there. 


If you need help from The Lab, drop me a note. If you would like to view more case studies and interviews, or just want to read about The Social Ecosystem, click on the links and let me know your thoughts.

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