Social Media Marketing Hall of Fame: The 50 Most Remarkable Platforms and Programs From 2006-2010

Here’s a compilation of the 50 most remarkable social media marketing platforms and programs from the last 5 years, from 2006 to 2010:

Most of these 50 mini one-slide case studies are accompanied by links to in-depth video case studies, so this slide deck is your ultimate go-to resource for social media marketing case studies.

You might notice that several well-known interactive and viral campaigns are missing from the list. That’s by design, not accidence. This compilation is focused on “social” platforms and programs and “social” is not the same as “interactive” or “viral”.

In “interactive”, people interact with the website or the application. In “viral”, people merely share a pre-produced video with other people. In “social”, people interact with other people, and the interpersonal interaction forms the core of the website or the application.

So, games and immersive web experiences are often interactive, but not social. Similarly, advertising, applications and web serials on social networks are often viral, but not always social.

Once again, this compilation is focused on “social” platforms and programs and “social” is not the same as “interactive” or “viral”. I know that many of us tend use these words interchangeably, but I don’t, and I am putting my stake in the ground here on what is “social” and what isn’t.

You’ll notice that the social media marketing platforms and programs here can be categorized into ten themes:

– Inviting consumers to interpret the brand.
– Inviting experts to curate content for the community.
– Creating a community around a social heartbeat.
– Creating an immersive social experience with strong storytelling.
– Crowd-sourcing product and process design innovation.
– Mobilizing citizens to support a cause.
– Aggregating conversations from social networks.
– Creating a web-based talent hunt or reality show.
– Inviting consumers to submit and support causes for funding.
– Integrating social into the sales or support process
– Inviting customers to share their brand experiences
– Creating an immersive online-offline social experience.

As you go through the case studies, ask yourself how these themes have changed over the last five years and you’ll get a sense of how social media marketing has changed over the last five years.

I’ll also encourage you to notice that the compilation includes case studies from Europe, Asia, and Latin America, apart from the usual case studies from North America. Even though case studies from North America get the highest visibility, social media marketing is gaining ground all over the world.

Finally, do notice that many of the social media marketing case studies I have included aren’t one-off campaigns. They are either long term platforms, or programs that are repeated every year.

Finally, this compilation is very much work-in-progress and over the next week, I’ll add and delete case studies to it, based on your suggestions and tips. So, do tell me: what have I missed here?

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