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Social media content for recruitment feedback
If any of you are still thinking that social media content in recruitment is a waste of time then you obviously haven’t heard of the changes that are happening on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter then! They are all moving to ‘reward’ good engagement on their platforms – and for good engagement you need good content in the first place!
Just having a LinkedIn Page, Facebook Page, Google+ Page or Twitter Stream will not work to successfully put you in the social streams of your followers or your fans, you are going to have to work hard to engage them with interesting and relevant content, consistently. Good content and engagement is the real challenge for effective social recruiting.

Last week we held the first social media content for recruitment workshop in London. The audience for this first one was mixed across in-house recruiters, recruitment agency, recruitment advertising and recruitment PR, which made for interesting conversation.

The overall feedback was very good and the course content has given many of the attendees actionable take-aways to use immediately in their relevant businesses (their words not mine!)

One of the attendees, Carly Smith from BlueSkyPR gave her takeaways from the day in a blog post. Here are some of them:

  • Get your ‘home base’ in play first. Whether it be a blog or a careers site, your ‘home base’ is where you are directing the traffic you pick up across other platforms. So make sure it represents your brand effectively – you can lose your audience in a second.
  • Do your homework to get to know your audience. Research what platforms they are likely to use and the relevant industry-specific keywords.
  • You don’t have to post content across every channel. Go where your audience is.
  • Consider your objectives. Do you want to monitor what people are saying? Engage with stakeholders? Reduce recruitment costs? Or develop on-going branding for attraction?
  • Content for social media can be created, collated and aggregated. Fresh content is valuable but it takes time to create. Curated content (where opinion is used to enhance existing material) and aggregated content (where multiple feeds are compiled into one stream) can be just as important. But don’t look in the obvious places. If your audience wants a BBC news feed they can subscribe directly.
  • Look at all your options. Don’t discount less obvious networks like YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and Slideshare – be creative. There are some great examples of companies that are making these networks work for them.

Thanks for that Carly, I look forward to seeing some of the outputs in weeks and months to come 🙂

The next social media content for recruitment workshop is now scheduled for the 1st May, and if you book before the end of March and use the code SIR133 you will get a £60 discount on the day.

So if you are recruiters, agency owners, recruitment marketers, third party recruitment providers (i.e. fixed fee or RPO), recruitment managers, recruitment marketers or recruitment service providers then learning how to use social media content for recruitment should be invaluable to you.


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