Social Learning Management Systems for Everyone

Social LMS for EveryoneBusinesses are demanding more from their learning management systems, and why shouldn’t they? A system originally created for administrators proves to multiply in benefits when embraced by all employees.

Learning management systems (LMSs) have been catering to the administration side of business for some time now. While it fulfills essential but rudimentary needs like data collection, data tracking and hosting training curriculum, there is a strong push for LMSs to offer more than basic tools. After all, technology is available to all employees and LMS features could be useful at every level of business.

LMS providers that anticipated this trend have created software to emphasize social collaboration. Better known as social learning management systems, such platforms continue to simplify administration tasks while hosting highly customizable, social functions.

In most settings, learners make up the vast majority of employees. A social LMS blends the administrative purposes of an LMS with features that appease workers in all positions.

Social LMS Improves Customizable Design

The ante has been raised for online design and customization. Now, any platform that exists on a computer or other tech device must be easy to navigate and visually aesthetic. A social LMS appeals to an entire workforce when it can be customized to fit a company’s brand. With the right platform, a company’s website can be seamlessly extended so that employees can enter the online workplace through a single sign-on function on the website. This will allow them to reach their personalized accounts and interact in a private work center.

Social LMS Features Engage Employees

These days, employees are accustomed to communicating online with social media profiles. In trying to replicate this type of engaging environment it is important that they have the same amount of freedom when using an LMS. Social profiles allow workers to actively engage one another online through web conferencing, realtime chat, blogs and status update features. With a social LMS platform, it is possible for workers to keep their colleagues up to date with their professional happenings just as they do with their personal lives on social media networks.

A Social LMS Raises the Bar

Basic LMSs are still around but social systems are raising the bar. Platforms like TOPYX® LMS offer easy-to-use administration tools as well as social features that meet the desires of the entire workforce. With customizable options and single-sign on features, companies trust the TOPYX platform to serve as an extension of their website. But in reality, it is seen as so much more: TOPYX is a tool that employees embrace and use as an online workplace. Request a free demo of TOPYX and experience the social features that make this LMS great.

Learning management systems attempt to fill the demands of business, but in the era of social communication, only a social LMS can oblige.

Jeffrey A. Roth
Vice President, Marketing and Communications
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