Social Learning Makes Workplace Training Fun and Effective

Workplace Learning LMS

No more sleeping on your computer!

Learning is a lifelong practice. Many people think lectures, group projects and late night “cram sessions” end with school, but learning continues in the workplace. In fact, when settled into a career position, every day can feel like a test.

Because of this, businesses are beginning to adopt social learning.

The term “social learning” stems from the realms of online communities and social media. Businesses see that social media effectively hosts informal learning using fun, familiar, online features.

eLearning Leverages the Effectiveness of Social Media

With the right tools, businesses can leverage the popularity of social media while hosting social learning on secure, dependable eLearning platforms. A comprehensive eLearning platform that combines all the features businesses need to host workplace training comes in the form of a learning management system (LMS). A social LMS combines the media and learning tools companies need to establish, monitor and measure the success of learning paths.

Let’s explore why social learning is the best approach to workplace training and why a social LMS is the ideal platform for companies that want to execute this training strategy.

Social Learning is the Best Way to Approach Workplace Training

Each employee has different learning preferences. Some are visual learners while others respond better to audible information. But most people agree that they learn from watching and listening to others.

A social learning environment makes it simple for employees to learn from each other. With personal profiles and communication outlets like blogs, realtime chat, web conferences and online classrooms, individuals can interact with peers and mentors throughout most training exercises.

An LMS brings these features to the workplace, and in effect, creates a training environment that employees recognize and embrace.

An LMS is the Ideal Platform for Social Learning

Using an LMS to host social learning is the most effective way to incorporate social media tools into professional training.

It enables business administrators to establish course work, measure training goals and monitor employee progress. It also allows administrators to fine tune learning exercises so that they can align each activity with their business goals.

More so, employees often find that it is easy to embrace an LMS. They understand social media tools and do not associate them with traditional learning techniques. Ultimately, social learning seems to lighten the load of professional training for employees and employers alike.

TOPYX® is a social learning management system businesses use for social learning initiatives. This platform offer the eLearning features companies need and the social media benefits employees enjoy. With intuitive design, customization features and an extensive list of social communication options, TOPYX has become an indispensable workplace training tool. Request a free demo of TOPYX to experience the social learning platform first hand.

Most people embrace the idea of “learning for life,” but no one imagines being bored and stressed out in the process. When workplace learning can mimic life learning, employees will be happy to receive the information.

Jodi Harrison
Vice President, Business Development
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