Social HR in Action: Crowdsourcing My Career

So I’m on hiatus, right? Well, kind of. I have been taking it easy, at least in comparison to my usual activities. Less blogging and social media, more time spent doing things other than work. What you may not have known was part of that hiatus was due to the fact that I’m in transition. My role at Pret A Manger, where I was the first ever Recruitment Manager for its US operations, has come to an end. It was a contract role, and now it’s time to move on.

So I’m thinking and working through my approach for the next phase in my professional career. Do I try to dive back into an organizational role? Do I go the consulting route? And what about the blog–how can I increase readership and draw in some revenue through this channel? Lots of options, none of them perfect, all are exciting, and require that I put forth a consistent and high level effort to make any one of them succeed.

And now, through the help of my online HR community, I have an opportunity to go down a slightly different path to potential career success.

I was on Drive Thru HR earlier today. For those of you who may not have heard of it, DTHR is an Internet radio show. Broadcasting every weekday, the hosts (Bryan Wempan, William Tincup, and Nisha Raghavan) lead participants through a discussion of Human Resources, social media, and business related topics. You can listen to my interview here:

During the discussion the topic naturally centered around my job search. That’s when this happened:

Essentially, my HR/social circle is now crowdsourcing in an attempt to help me gain my next role. How cool is that? And more importantly, what will happen next?

Regardless of what happens, the fact that people came together in this spontaneous, creative, and generous effort to support one of their own is a proud moment for me. It reaffirms my faith in people, something that as a Human Resources professional can be sorely tested at times. Thank you everyone who listened to the show, as well as those (online and off) that have been helping me during this stage of my career. I hope I can be of service to you as well. If so, don’t hesitate to contact me!

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