Social CRM is Dead? Not really…

I read a post today that stated that Social CRM is Dead, Long Live Social Media Flavored CRM, reminding me of a post I wrote last September titled Social CRM is dead, long live Social Business Strategy.  In both cases the driver for the post is a dissatisfaction with the nomenclature, not an issue with the definition of Social CRM.

I probably would have read that post, responded, and simply moved on if it had not been for a tweet I saw today that stated “Those who struggle with the term Social CRM believe it is about technology, it is about people and culture, first”. 

What’s right about this message?

Technology, as many of us have noted countless times, is definitely the least important piece of the CRM puzzle.  CRM, Social or otherwise, is a strategy put in place to help your business or agency improve your relationship with your customer to maximize your profits.  Yes, some will disagree with that last point, stating that it is about enhancing relationships, but the relationships are only important to the degree that they drive profits.

The focus on people and culture are critical, of course, but not to the detriment of short and long-term corporate profitability. 

What is wrong about this message?

It is easy to lose sight of real business goals.  The people and culture are critical components in the tactics you use as part of your CRM strategy.  They are more important than the technology but not more important than the profitability of the business.  Cold?  Yes.  Blunt?  Yes.  Honest?  Yes.

The struggle with the term Social CRM has nothing to with confusion about the prioritized importance of people, culture, process, and technology in a CRM strategy.  Social CRM does leverage information from social channels to enhance your CRM, your corporate, strategy.  In simple terms Social CRM is nothing more than CRM benefiting from bi-directional communication in these social channels.

What do you think?


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