So where are the 10 hottest job markets going to be in 2020?

The hottest job markets for 2020

The world of employment seems to be moving so fast at the moment, it is sometime hard to keep up. I think both Companies and Recruitment Organisations actually need a pair of crystal balls (so to speak!) to be able to keep up – one to help them understand what is happening in three months time, and the other for some genuine insight into global trends for the years ahead. 

So what about that second crystal ball then –  the future. Now some of you (more likely recruitment companies) might not even given a damn about future recruitment trends and talent dynamics, focusing on the here and now. I get that and that is fine, until you realise that actually your clients are already doing that and looking at talent flows and mobile workforces, and what that means for their future employees. You are probably recruiting people that are going to be involved in these conversations when they work for your clients – maybe it might be worth taking note of global trends?

Evenbase, the digital recruitment group, home of JobRapido, Broadbean, Jobsite and many other companies, have access to huge amounts of job data. They combined this with other global demographic data for their latest report – Digital Recruitment: The Hottest Markets in 2020 (link to report at end of post).
They have come up with their view on the top 10 recruitment Hotspots for 2020. What is going to surprise you is that the UK is down there in 10th place – tied with Mexico! Maybe it isn’t a surprise
The reason why this is so important is the where the talent path is going over the next few years. Top in-demand candidates and employees will naturally migrate to the areas of growth and reward. San Paulo in Brazil already matches (if not exceeds) salaries in the Financial Services sectors in New York! 

Take a look at some the reasons Evenbase have highlighted these countries:

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So that is in 2020, but what about now? Where are the talent shortages now and do they correlate to the recruitment future according to Evenbase?

Hardest places to find talent

So no surprise that the countries predicted to be some of the top recruitment hotspots in 2020- Brazil, Australia, US and India are are already having trouble attracting enough talented people right now. 
Now I am certainly not an international recruitment demographics expert, but surely it doesn’t take too much brain power to work out that the future growth of your recruitment business may well be in international placements. 

We know how hard it is to break into new markets in recruitment, and how deep your £$pockets need to be sometimes. But maybe now is the time to start having these conversations with your existing clients, and positioning yourself now to help them with their impending recruitment needs.

And before you say to me it is impossible to recruit in different markets in different countries from the UK, let me tell you it isn’t.

A few years ago when I was recruiting full-time, one of my global clients were having problems recruiting in the US. Even though they had a recruitment team over there they asked for my help to see I had better success. So with a little homework I got down to some sourcing and recruiting. I placed a number of mid-level managers from the same sources available to the US recruiters. Happy Directors – they got their people (but unhappy recruitment team – they didn’t like me!). I then went on to do the same across Europe with a few more local interviews this time though!

That was then – now we have global social media sites (databases) and social recruiting, we have excellent video calling products like Skype, Facetime and Google Plus Hangouts – and they are all FREE. AND we have a workforce that is thinking globally – there seems to be more of an acceptance now of work migration to secure good career moves. 

I know the big corporates are already having these conversations and have been for a while. But what about recruitment companies? Growth, expansion and increases in revenues are out there, and they may not just be in the UK. I know recruitment agencies (of various sizes) who have already taken the plunge in some of the countries mentioned, and are taking the time to understand business customs, cultures and procedures.They are already seeing success.

Recruiters in specialist IT sectors, Oil & Gas, mining and some Financial Services industries have had been recruiting globally for a while, maybe now is the time to get yourself another crystal ball and start looking further afield for future growth.

You can grab a copy of the Evenbase Report over on their blog or by downloading it here 

Download Evenbase-2020-Hot-Markets-FINAL [Datasets, demographic and report criteria all included in the document]



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