Snow Falling Up

During a brief spring snowfall yesterday I paused to watch the snow fall. As the snow made its way to the ground I saw how much of the snow was falling upwards, at least temporarily, on its journey to the ground.

Many of us have felt like we are falling over the past few years with COVID, changes in where and how we work, isolation, mental wellbeing challenges, burnout, uncertainty, the war in the Ukraine, and so much more.

To fall upwards we must take ourselves lightly.

As snow rides the currents of the wind we too can ride the currents of this decade.

I am not asking you to be a positive thinker — I am inviting you to take yourself lightly and fully experience the lighter moments in a career journey that inevitably includes falling.

We may be more like snowflakes than angels but I trust you can embrace G. K. Chesterton’s famous quip: “Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly.”

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