Small Businesses, Social Media and the Internet

I got quoted in the SME Times article on how social media can help small businesses. Building social platforms around a social object (lifestyle, cause or passion) might not be scalable for all SMEs – this step can be done by a third party – a facebook for SMEs somebody – to connect not around the products but around users.

Here’s part of the article:

Another prominent speaker on the occassion, Gautam Ghosh, Consultant of 2020 Social Media, said, “Internet can act as a leverager for users who are already using the Internet. If a person is not on the Internet it really can’t help much.”

When asked how IT enabled tools can help MSEs, Ghosh told SME Times: “For them (MSEs) other things can be done. If somebody takes the initiative to give them a platform, a MSE can say: ‘this is what I do’ or ‘this is the product’ and so these kind of platforms (B2B) can help them to reach globally.”

“I must say if a MSE has no idea about IT, it should take advantages of B2B websites like, which has a social media presence too. So one can join a B2B website where one can get trade leads,” Ghosh added.

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