Small Businesses Marketing Using FourSquare

FourSquare for Small Business Marketing

If you have not yet heard of FourSquare, I recommend that you crawl out from underneath the rock that which you are living, and check out their website and mobile location based game service.

FourSquare For Small Business Marketing

FourSquare is a location based game service that rewards users who “check in” when they are at certain geographic locations by awarding “badges.”  The FourSquare user who checks in the most times at a particular locale gets the honor of being “the Mayor” of the establishment.

I’ve been using Foursquare for 6 weeks now and every time I walk into a restaurant/bar, coffee house, I check-in and wonder when these places will figure out the Viral Marketing opportunities they have.  Small Business Owners (B2C – Retail) should take a page out of Business Owner Joe Sorge’s book.  Joe is a small business owner that Increased Sales by 110% with a FourSquare Badge Party.

Why Should a Small Business Marketer Consider Using FourSquare?

  1. As of Saturday, January 9th, 2010, FourSquare was a seeing a check-in every second!
  2. As of March 17th, 2010, FourSquare has over 725,000 Users and over 22 Million Check-ins!
  3. According to Coda, Mobile Data Traffic is expected to rise 40-fold over the next five years!

FourSquare has seen tremendous growth and it doesn’t seems to be slowing down any time soon.  To learn more about how to leverage FourSquare for Small Business Marketing, check out the Presentation below.

FourSquare For Small Business

In our iPhone and mobile_web app, we call attention to venues who offer special treatment to foursquares users. If a foursquare user is at your bar/restaurant, we’ll tell them what they have to do to unlock a free snack or discounted drink. If they happen to be across the street or two blocks away from your venue, we’ll let them know that your business gives special treatment to foursquare users and that they should swing by for a visit.

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