Slimmer Werken

For past two days, the Internet  Time Alliance has been working with Tulser [a play on the word “RESULT”] in Maastricht, NL, focused on how organizations can work smarter by integrating working and learning. Jos and Vivian, the co-owners of Tulser, have created a successful company by getting out of the training business, which was profitable at the time, and creating a performance improvement company. Tulser has about 20 full-time staff and a network of almost 80 freelancers. Talking to people here, you quickly understand how focused the company is on helping their clients and measuring the results of their work. A solid business case precedes all work.

If you think your organization is trapped on the “training is a solution looking for a problem” treadmill, check out what this company has done. They walked away from guaranteed revenue (training content development requested by their clients) and rebuilt the company over the past 10 years. This takes guts, but it is paying off now. Tulser is decided not to be part of a compliant training industry.

During the many discussions yesterday at Slimmer Werken (Working Smarter), it become obvious that the key barrier to working smarter is management. However, it seems that people are willing to take on the task of re-educating managers. I summed by reminding people:

“Knowledge workers of the world, Collaborate. You have nothing to lose but your managers!”

Several participants thought this was a very good idea.

More photos here.

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