Six Major Questions Your Website Should Answer

make a websitePart 3 of the Series:
How to Make a Great Website

Introduction: How to Make a Great Website
Part 1: Choosing a Domain Name
Part 2: Building Your Website: Evaluating the Choices
Part 3: Six Major Questions a Website Should Answer
Part 4: Fundamental Website Pages
Part 5: Is Your Website an Asset…or a Liability?
Part 6: How to Promote Your Website

If visitors have to hunt for basic info on your website, they may not stay long — and they may never come back.

After you make a website for your business, take a hard look at it. Will your potential customers find these answers?

  • Who are you? What does your company do? Are you a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ or a mom-and-pop shop in the heart of Detroit? If your company name doesn’t give enough info, add a tagline to your masthead such as “The best pizza in Boston.”
  • What are you selling? What are your products or services? Do you sell to consumers, businesses, or wholesale? What are your prices? Can I buy online or do I have to visit your shop?
  • Where are you located? What state and local areas do you serve? (Your website says “Serving Marietta,” but are you located in Marietta, Georgia, or Marietta, Ohio?) What is your physical business address and mailing address? Incorporate maps and search features to help visitors find directions easily.
  • When are you open? Do you keep normal business hours or do they vary? Can I make an appointment outside of business hours?
  • Why should I buy from you? Why do I need this product? Why should I trust you with my business? What is your experience, and how long have you been around?
  • How can I reach you? How can I buy your products? How can I find out more? Your phone number, email address, business and/or mailing address should be available throughout the website – add it to the footer or sidebar of each page so visitors don’t have to search for your contact information.


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