Should You Use Javascript on Your Website?

make a websiteWhen you design a website, you need to ask yourself many questions. How will you lay out the site? Will you use HTML or CSS? One question that may stump you at first is whether or not to use JavaScript.

For a while, this popular programming language saw its reputation decline. The main problem was that slow computers and connection speeds caused JavaScript to bog down certain websites, which interfered the user experience. Now that Internet speeds and computers are generally much faster, it’s perfectly fine to use JavaScript to make a website.

Downsides of JavaScript

Although most people have fairly fast Internet connections and relatively decent computers, JavaScript may not render properly on all computers. If you rely too heavily on JavaScript, some people may not be able to enjoy your site at all. Also, keep in mind that users may be prompted to update their JavaScript programs to view your site, which may annoy your website visitors. Finally, JavaScript is also used to create those annoying pop-ups, so the fact that it is executed instantly doesn’t sit well with some people.

Benefits of JavaScript

Now that the primary downsides of JavaScript have been outlined, here are some advantages:

  • JavaScript works offline. If your site is accessed by someone whose computer goes offline, it will continue to look the way it should be.
  • You can use defensive scripting to ensure an optimal user experience. With JavaScript, it’s possible to see what a visitor’s browser can do and respond accordingly.
  • It’s easy to implement. You don’t need to be a programmer to use it because so many scripts are available online. You can also copy and paste JavaScript from other websites. That’s really all you need to do  –just paste the JavaScript into the HTML for your site.
  • You can create a responsive interface. Would you like to let people know if a username is already taken or have search suggestions pop up when they look for something on your site? These and other responsive elements can be added with JavaScript.

While you shouldn’t add too much JavaScript to your site, including some of the programming language may make your website more engaging and professional-looking.


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