Sharing the Blame

I read your article (“Ghosting: A Scary New Trend?” November 2018), and it’s a bit unfair to put all the blame of ghosting on employees or job seekers. The issue is just as much, or even more, with hiring managers and recruiters, who never get back to job seekers after phone and in-person interviews or never respond to an email.

It may be that companies don’t get back to recruiters so they can’t get back to job seekers. That’s wrong, too. But as job seekers, we keep all options open because we need to. Ghosting is wrong, but let’s not put the only blame for this on job seekers.

I run several job-support groups in New Jersey, and I’m a career counselor for workers age 45 and older through Rutgers University, so I feel confident in what I’m writing. I also have been in transition before.
This phenomenon is no different than how it was in the late ’90s (when the internet was just starting out). But now they have a name for it … .

Kenneth Lang
KML Consultants
Wayne, N.J.

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