Seven actionable marketing trends

More good stuff from Norwegian brand strategist Helge Tenno – this presentation on seven actionable marketing trends, namely:

1- People talk, they don’t want to be interrupted, but they do want their conversations to be ignited and more valuable

2- People don’t share stuff because they notice it, they share stuff because its valuable

3 – Our activities need to give the participant the opportunity to choose how and where to participate (the thing I find brands struggle with the most)

4 – People will gladly spend a minute of their day composing and publishing their own version of the brand story, but they won’t give five seconds of their time to listen to the company tell their version of it

5 – People are more valuable owning and using your product than thinking about buying it.  Limiting marketing to just the “process” of purchasing limits your time with people to an extremely small part of their universe

6 – “People will watch a TV programme once, maybe twice, but they will play chess a hundred or maybe a thousand times” (Kevin Slavin)

7 – Imagination: It’s not the product or category that defines a company’s ability to connect and grow with its audience, it’s its ability to imagine something remarkable inside what to others seems like a lifeless and boring category.

Helge is offering to create a larger presentation of fifty trends that the wider community can use, if enough people feed back to him via comments or tweets – more details on his blog!

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