Sensible Shoes

The other day, I was talking with a fellow blogger.  We were discussing the types of blogs that have large readerships in the “human” arena: Human Resources, Learning and Development, Leadership, etc.  My friend observed that some of the most popular blogs are those that are “edgy” in some way.  That was really good food for thought—hmm, do edgy blogs draw bigger readerships?

I’m not edgy.  I don’t say things that infuriate, shock or annoy.  That’s just not my M.O.  Even though my personality is fairly intense and direct, my writing style and advice-giving is more on the temperate side.  Maybe it’s from my Midwest roots, or honed from years of being neutral while facilitating workshops, but somewhere along the line, I’ve developed a brand for practical, no-frills counsel. For example, I’ve surprised clients by saying, “Nah, you don’t need my services. You could easily do that in-house for less.”

All of this leaves me wondering, am I the “Sensible Shoes” of the consulting world?

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