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eCommerce LMSEntrepreneurship is on the rise, but business models are changing. Today, start-ups are leveraging the unique intelligences of owners and early team members to create content. By promoting and selling unique content, these young companies are able to build momentum and reach the next rung of success.

Much of the time, entrepreneurs support themselves and run small operations based on the earnings they derive from online sales. Most start-ups use social media tools for marketing purposes and free software to package and sell virtual products. With costs so low, it is possible to turn profits quickly.

Marketing and Sales

With the popularity of social media, marketing involves little money. However, persistently using these networks to extend personalities and brands is important. Sales, on the other hand, result from what is being packaged. A start-up may be able to earn substantial streams of income by capturing an idea, packaging it, and promoting it effectively.

In order to manage social media marketing efforts and sales, a start-up needs to use an effective system.

The Ideal Business System for eCommerce Needs

TOPYX is a social learning management system (LMS) with easy-to-use eCommerce features that makes it possible to promote, sell, and connect with clientele. Here is how:

Promote: Managing social media involves using a number of different systems to relay similar messages. There are numerous free tools available that claim to simplify monitoring and executing social media plans. However, none meet all the needs of start-ups.

TOPYX offers state-of-the-art social learning features that include:

  • User profiles
  • Calendar / Event Announcements
  • User communities
  • Blogs
  • Live chat
  • Marketing Tiles
  • Sponsor Links

With this packaged deal, it is possible for entrepreneurs and team members to market and sell content online.

Sell: A big problem many entrepreneurs face is selling the content they create. After generating buzz and creating demand, it is the budding company’s responsibility to provide a safe way to accept payment and process customer charges. TOPYX provides eCommerce options to securely sell content, webinars, and even membership subscriptions. You can even use coupons and other promotions as well.

Customer/Client Connections: One of the greatest perks of operating a start-up with TOPYX is that it is possible to offer customers, clients, and fans, exclusive website memberships. This can keep a tribe connected and raise the chances of repeat sales.

Sell more, connect more, and work less with TOPYX. Request a free demo of TOPYX.

Many entrepreneurs pave their ways to success using free online programs for business. After creating buzz, packaging products, and collecting a fan base, it’s time to let a system simplify operations.

Jeffrey A. Roth
Vice President, Marketing and Communications
[email protected]

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