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DL09badge-SpeakingYay! I’m leaving New York tomorrow morning for San Jose to attend DevLearn 09.

I have a session on Friday morning at 10:00 about  the research on NetGen Learning and Implications for ID. My goal is to make it a decision session rather than expressing my views about the topic. I’ve made it clear where I stand. I’d also like to frame the conversation on the process of inquiry in the ‘real world’ (what I like to think of as having a finely tuned bullshit meter.)

On Wednesday at 1:30 I’m sitting on a Research Panel Discussion, hosted by Brent Schlenker, about “Emerging Technologies and the Future of e-Learning” with Ellen Wagner, Sage Road Solutions, LLC, Kevin Martin, Aberdeen Group, David Mallon, Bersin & Associates, and Colleen Carmean, Sage Road Solutions/eLearning Guild Research. (I did not make arrangements for a booster seat so I’ll be the short “fun size” panelist.)

lily tomlin

On Thursday at 7:15 AM (when people are barely human), I’ll be facilitating a Breakfast Byte discussion about “Women Keynoters & Presenters: Underrepresented, Uninterested, or Non-issue?”


But what’s really cool are all the people I can’t wait to meet face-to-face – – people that I’ve had conversations with through blogs, on Twitter, and a boatload of social networks. People that have made me think, make my jaw drop, changed my mind, made me laugh, challenged me, got pissed off, and mostly listened to a bunch of half-baked ideas. I am forever in their debt.

And, bonus, I’ll have some time to catch up with Brandon Hall and the staff at our California office.

I love traveling. I read a blog post that made me think about traveling when one lives in a small town, working from home (”cloud worker“) and the rush of attending a conference.  And, of course I was rummaging through my closet over the weekend trying to figure out what to bring which led to a shopping trip.

shoesI’ll be blogging here and on Twitter (@jclarey). At the conference, I’ll be the one with the netbook, BlackBerry, video camera, regular camera, perhaps head gear but probably not. Please stop me and say hi!

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