Secret Pelosi-Reid Deal on Obamacare, USSR Style?

Word is going around that, despite all the talk about paring back health care reform and involving Republicans, the Democrats are secretly hatching a deal for the House to pass the Senate version and then for the Senate, using the reconciliation process that precludes filibusters, to approve amendments to overcome House objections–to wit, restore the public option and gut any abortion restrictions.

Voila, the Scott Brown 41st vote against health care reform is thereby nullified.

The only question remaining about this deal between Politburo Chief Nancy Pelosi and Communist Party Chief Harry Reid is one of timing.

That is, will they wait until Brown is seated, or will they strike now?

My question: If they're going to do it, does it matter when? Probably the quicker, the better, if the Dems want to survive in power come November.

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