Scared to use social networks?

I love the Noise to Signal cartoon series by Rob Cottingham and, when I saw this one, I asked Rob if I could use it as part of a blog post.  Thankfully he said yes.  If you do not know of Rob’s work you should check it out.

We have had our share of security/privacy issues in the news lately and I have seen plenty of blog posts about people canceling their Facebook accounts due to Facebook’s prior lack of focus on privacy, or perhaps more correctly, due to their viewpoint that privacy is old school, not something to worry as much about in today’s world.

Facebook is valuable and I would urge caution in canceling accounts.  Businesses and agencies need to be responsive and meet their customers, their citizens, where they are.  However, do not be naïve.  Ensure that your legal teams and technology teams are following the ever-changing privacy landscape Facebook is putting before us all.

Good luck out there.


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