Scam Alert!

Spam Alert Scam Alert!

Scam Alert!

Beware many friends and family has fallen for it. It is a program where you work your tail off for 40 hours a week for 40 years to earn a $40 Gold watch and then try to live on 40% of what you could not live on while working 40 hours a week known as a JOB.

It has been known for leaving people J.O.B (just over broke) after participating for 40 years or more yet millions of people do it daily.

If you have been a victim –  I can help.

I saw a sign that read like this posted on facebook. It caught my attention after standing in a group of nurses who all talked about having to work until they were 80. Of course it was said in a joking way but what they meant was they could not survive on the retirement check they would be making if they left working full time. After 27 years of full time work – to live on one half of the pay check they were already struggling to live on.

Nursing is not a career that can carry the average nurse into old age working full time. It is hard on the knees, the back, the mental exhaustion and trying to keep up with a very busy pattern for a whole shift.

Most nurses love what they do, and they enjoy taking care of people. The benefits include long hours, working holidays, weekends and when you do not feel you’re very best. Retired nurses are not people who want to sit in the rocking chair and do nothing, actually that shouldn’t be anyone’s goal.

As the retiring years are coming up for me – which sounds very odd no matter how I say it at the age of 46.  I began counting the dollars of a retirement check – 4 years ago and I knew I did not want to live on the low end of the scale of trying to survive. Neither did I want to work a full time job for someone else.

I began looking for options that would suit me and how I wanted to live and work the next 27 years – I had a dream many years ago to be in business for myself. I had listened to so many people tell me I would go broke and hungry I didn’t push to learn more about it because I had already lived broke and hungry before in my life and I didn’t want to go
that route either.

Listening to the conversation around the water cooler of nurses who were already planning their retirement and what they would be doing after nursing disturbed me. All of them had a “deal” they are in trying to make change for their pocket but none of them were working their business to make a living. One said “I want to be able to do what you’re doing.” and I had to ask…”Do you WANT it or just the money?”

Business is more than about the money – it changes other people’s lives – it removed wishes and makes dreams come true. It turns your bank accounts into opportunity to serve others. Stop thinking about it and do it – Thinking only gives you the thought to act on. You didn’t have the thought out of thin air it was delivered to you by the messenger.

What are your plans for when you get closer to the retirement days?  What do you think is the average nursing retiring age? I want to know come to facebook and tell me.


Nov 2012 Angela Scam Alert! Angela Brooks Speaker, author of “The Nurse Voice”, social media expert that has revolutionized MLM with social Media. She is setting a model of how to build relationships online, through social media, blogging and email. She was also named #22 in the Top 50 Blog of 2012, She is #2 in over all team volume, teaching her team to how to do business outside the box.


Angela teaches women how to turn burnout & hustle into a part-time business. She shares how she used her lunch break to build a 6-figure business.

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