Save the Date Ideas – Fun, Festive and Very Effective

Save The Date Concept

When it comes to planning a party or a wedding, there are times when invitations have to be sent out well in advance of the actual event. While this does provide guests with plenty of time to plan ahead for the occasion, it also gives them plenty of time to forget about it as well. Sending out Save the Date cards a couple of weeks before the event is a great way to remind people the event is coming. Fortunately, these cards aren’t expensive and regardless of whether you have an extensive guest list or just need a few, there are cards that are perfect for any occasion.

Share Your Proposal Story

If your Save the Date cards are for a wedding, you can make it more memorable by telling the story of how the proposal took place. Adding a photo of the location where it took place is a great way to make it even more memorable and personal.

Use Photo Postcards

Save The Date postcards with a photo of the happy couple or something representative of the party or event is a great way to remind guests. Since it’s a postcard you also get a special rate from the post office so sending them out is a lot less expensive than regular cards. They also hang well on a bulletin board or on the fridge which means your guest will be constantly reminded the event is close.

Send Personalized Messages

Hand written cards bring a nostalgic feel to any occasion. By making each card personalized to the specific guest with a mention of how you’re looking forward to seeing them but keeping the overall note simple adds a definite personal touch to them.

If you’ve got a lot of cards to send or simply have terrible handwriting, a nice script font looks great and signing the card still adds that personal touch to it. One neat idea for weddings is to have the bride and groom place their thumbs on an inkpad and use their thumbprints in the shape of a heart to “sign” the cards.

Create a Calendar

Calendar pages of the month with the date of the special event circled is a neat way to remind people the event is coming up. You can include a small calendar page in a card or simply send a large calendar page made online with a photo of the happy couple included at the top. Either way, it makes for a fun reminder for your guests.

Ideas for Save the Date cards don’t have to be expensive or hard to do. Any of these ideas are inexpensive and will fit in virtually any budget and making them fit your needs and style is a breeze. Using your mind and coming up with some creative ways to make the cards is a great way to make sure that your guests will appreciate being reminded that your special event is close and a fun card or note ensures they won’t forget.

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