What do you make?  It’s such a personal question and when I see the question on job postings and application requirements, it makes me seethe.  A little. Or more than a little.

I say one human resources position that required a complete salary history for every position listed on the resume.  Those not including salary histories would not be considered.

What the?

  < rant >

Here is the thing.  What I make is absolutely none of your business.  You aren’t entitled to know my salary history nor do you have any right to ask me what I make now.

If you, human resources people, make it a requirement to provide, you are saying a lot.  About you. The word that comes to mind is lazy.

What I expect of good employers is to conduct compensation studies, evaluate market conditions, and  offer fair salaries.  It’s not that hard.  Lots and lots of professional organizations can help with salary surveys.

Quit expecting job applicants to do your work for you.

< /rant >

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