Safety When The Labour Pool Dips

illiterateWhen economic indicators are pointing the wrong way, companies back-off and re-think their willingness to take on a project.

When protesters show up and shed light on a risk to the environment, companies back-off and re-think their plan.

When the labour market depletes in qualified talent, do employers move ahead anyway – risking the safety of unskilled and wrong-minded workers?

A one-day safety training course may have to stretch to 2-5 days depending on the level of experience, quality of worker and exposure to the kind of work – let alone basic skills comprehension. Just because someone has had to wear PPE on a former job, doesn’t mean they were taught the value of it or even buy into the philosophy of personal safety.

14 percent of adults cannot read well enough to complete a job application, according to non-profit organization ProLiteracy. This would make it almost impossible to read required safety manuals, product labels, and even written warning signs.

Are you rushing through safety training to get new workers on the job or are you seriously assessing each job candidates ability to understand, function and execute safety?

All employees are not equal. Don’t assume everyone gets it in the same amount of time … or at all.

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