RPO Vuvuzela

There are some days when I have a constant buzzing in my head. Maybe it is due to the ongoing hectic pace or the coast-to-coast travel or the abundant Pinstripe pipeline of proposals and prospects. Regardless of the cause, I have never adequately been able to describe the nagging whirr to anyone. Well that was until last week when I started watching the USA versus England World Cup Soccer Match.

Throughout the entire game, there was an ever-present buzzing and hum. I tried to adjust my television’s sound but quickly realized the annoying sound was coming from the fans and was not a malfunction of my set.

The constant droning was from enthusiastic soccer fans blowing their vuvuzelas – the traditional South African horn that has been a permanent backdrop to this tournament. It is becoming such an annoyance to fans, players and television viewers that soccer’s governing body is considering drastic action.

It takes a lot to distract the world from the event it has waited four years and focus on something so apparently trivial, yet tortured eardrums and pounding headaches have done just that.

But as with every situation, entrepreneurs have taken advantage of the situation. Not only are they selling the plastic horns to one group, but enterprising locals have made a small fortune by also selling earplugs to help drown out the sound for others in attendance.

Somewhere in all of this there is a Recruitment Process Outsourcing lesson to be learned and since the buzzing doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon, I somehow have to turn that incessant droning in my head into an advantage.

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