RPO Superheroes

My 5 year son, Aaron, is all about superheroes. As a good dad, I recently spent some time doing my superhero research. And it appears from my investigations that there are superheroes for almost everyone and everything.

Take for example, Shaloman, the Kosher Crusader, who just might be the only superhero who is an openly observant Jew. The man behind the Hebrew hero is Al Wiesner, who has single-handedly written and drawn the comic book since 1988.

Like other superheroes, Shaloman has super strength, impenetrability and X-ray vision. Unlike the others, though, Shaloman also wears a yarmulke, is faster than a speeding latke, is able to leap tall blintzes in a single round, and is knowledgeable about all the Jewish holidays. In addition, Shaloman strikes into action whenever he hears someone say, “Oy vey!”

Previous issues have covered everything from the history of Hanukkah to dealing with potential terrorist attacks. 

I think it is a terrible oversight that Recruitment Process Outsourcing does not have a superhero. So I am proposing RPO Man, Agent of Talent Acquisition and Custodian of Lower Cost per Hire.

I already have ideas for the 1st 3 issues:

  • Defending truth justice and the decision to outsource
  • Winning over rogue hiring managers from demonic search firms
  • Saving attendees at the RPO Summit from the vices of Las Vegas

I would not expect to have the kind of sales numbers as Batman or Superman, however, if Shaloman can be a steady seller at places like Barnes & Noble (and there even been talk of a cartoon or a movie) then clearly there is a market for my RPO Man comic book.

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