RPO Red-Eye

Last Thursday, I was in Santa Clara, CA for the Global HR Think Tank. The event was fabulous…Really smart HR and Recruitment leaders discussing and sharing their talent issues and challenges. I‘ve attend scores of human resource events over the years and this one stands out for its content and collaboration. Also, it was very cool that Expressume set up their video collaboration tool so folks in the UK could join in.

After the event and dinner with several of the delegates, I went directly to the airport, with Michelle Krier, Pinstripe’s marketing brain, for a red-eye flight back to the Milwaukee. You know the red-eye…A flight that typically moves from west to east during the overnight hours. It departs late at night, lasts only about 3 to 5 hours (an insufficient period to get fully rested in flight), and due to rapid forward time zone changes the aircraft lands around dawn. As a result, you are unable to get sufficiently rested before a new day of activity

Of course I had the option of spending another night at the Marriott, waking up Friday AM, going for a nice run, eating a hot breakfast, leisurely packing my suitcase, catching a mid-morning flight, and arriving back in Milwaukee by early evening.

But right now with the activity levels in the RPO market going full tilt, the opportunity to migrate eastward without having an impact on a full business day is critical. Mid-day flights always leave me feeling as if I’ve lost a whole day of work, leaving me crankier than the alternative, sleep deprivation. A late night flight, however, lets me get in at least a half-day’s work after I land (and sometimes even a full day before I hit the wall).

In addition to having an “extra” day to meet proposal and presentation deadlines, catch-up on emails, and make key calls, the late night flight option has other positive aspects for impatient RPO travelers like me, including:

• Faster check in
• Less rowdiness
• More luggage friendly
• Avoids rush hour traffic
• More often on time (both departure and arrival)

However, the biggest benefit is getting home sooner and being with my family. If I plan things right I can even make coffee Barbara, drive Samuel and Elliot to school, and play Star Wars with Aaron before starting my work day.

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