R.I.P. Victorio

I love using social media tools. It’s through them that I’ve been able to further develop my knowledge, skills, and abilities. For example, I’ve used Twitter and this blog to connect with a wider range of like-minded professionals beyond my immediate geographic area. This community has helped to (1) enable me to find resources faster, (2) offer a variety of ideas and solutions to workplace issues I was attempting to resolve, (3) increase my overall knowledge base. Through the online human resource community I’ve become a more well-rounded business partner and HR practitioner.

Social media also appeals to the geek in me. I love to discover new applications and play around with them. I enjoy communicating with other users and feeding off of their creative energy. This creative play keeps me energized and, because I utilize them with a focused purpose (meaning as a way to further educate myself as a HR pro), I get a greater benefit from them than if I was just using them to waste time.

For me, social media is about content creation and content consumption. A great example of this is Google Wave, which is a communications and collaboration platform that’s currently in its beta stage. It requires a user to understand and manipulate its formatting in ways that users of more mature platforms don’t need to do. I’ve used GWave to post questions, try out new blog post ideas, and further engage the HR community. What I liked was that having to manipulate the platform (setting up Waves, finding and installing bots, utilizing the playback function) was as much a part of what made the experience worthwhile as the content that was generated. Overall, having a social media presence and access to great tools has been a wonderful experience for me.

But now it’s time to die…

Here’s a partial list of sites I’m currently using:

  • Creative Chaos Consultant
  • Lighter Side of HR
  • Human Capital League
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Facebook
  • Google Wave
  • SHRM Connect
  • HRM Today
  • Google Reader

They all serve overlapping and unique needs and it’s become too much to maintain. There are too many “me’s” running around and some of them have to go. On Sunday, February 28th, I’ll choose one and poof! It will go away. And keep this in mind: none of the sites I listed are sacred, not even my blog.

If you have any thoughts or opinions on which one I should keep or kill let me know!

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