R.I.P. Victorio, Revisited

I said two weeks ago I was going to do it-I was going to close one of my many online accounts-and now it’s time. I thought hard about it and the readers were kind enough to offer their opinions as well. Here are a few:

“A tough decision to make, regardless of how smart and necessary it may be. I would choose the one that gives you the most personal value. It’s “social” media, right?”

I’d recommend this blog being your #1 resource that is not even in consideration for dropping. It’s a way to have a strong branded presence on the internet (and a very good impression of you).

“What goals do you have set for yourself and what tools will support you in achieving those goals.”

Not the blog! Not the blog! Not the blog!

So which one takes the Big Sleep? Will it be my Twitter account? LinkedIn? My blog? Well folks, I’ve chosen to kill off my HRM Today account. It was one of my first accounts I created after becoming a blogger. I did it because Laurie Ruettimann and Lance Haun were there. However, aside from Matt Cholerton, I haven’t made any meaningful connections on that space. I often forget it’s there, except when I get the occasional e-mail notification. It may work for some but not for me so it’s time to say good-bye.

R.I.P. Victorio/HRM Today

May you find peace in the e-afterlife.

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