Retooling Yourself for the Top Ten Careers

Looming worker shortages make retooling a necessity and an
opportunity.  These fast-growing fields provide unique opportunities,
whether you’re a G.E.D., B.S., M.A., Ph.D. or M.D.  This revealing
summary of 21st century job opportunity listings in Sunday’s NYTImes, Education Life, has
something for everyone. But a lot of these jobs will require months,
sometimes years of training.  Not surprisingly, some of them may require

Simon’s analysis is exceptionally useful because in addition to
salary ranges, growth percentages and numbers, she also explains why the
field is growing, lists educational demands and provides geographical
info.  Here are the ten top careers.

  1. Biomedical engineer.  12,000 new jobs
    by 2018.  If you’re attracted to this field, you aren’t afraid of math,
    chemistry, physics and engineering.
  2. Network systems & data communications analyst.  56,000 jobs. Especially in the tech corridors.
  3. Home health aide.  461,000 jobs.
  4. Personal & home care aide.  376,000 jobs. 
  5. Financial examiner. 11,000 jobs. 
  6. Medical scientist.  44,000 jobs.  Most
    jobs are in Massachusetts, California and Pennsylvania, which have
    supportive academic and research institutions.
  7. Physician assistant.  29,000 jobs.  More than a nurse, but not quite a doctor.
  8. Skin care specialist.  15,000 jobs.  
  9. Biochemist & Biophysicist.  9,000 jobs.  New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C. pay the best.
  10. Athletic trainer.  16,000 jobs.  Work under a doctor’s supervision.  Not a personal trainer

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