Retaining top talent in 2014

Retaining top talent in 2014

To help your company meet this challenge, this week’s news roundup brings you five articles about retaining top talent in 2014.

  • Boss, I quit. It’s not you. It’s me TIME: “Workers are ‘becoming increasingly individualistic and managed outside of the rigid company-driven structures of yesteryear,’ BlessingWhite concluded, adding that employers must realize this or ‘face increasing retention challenges going forward.’ None of this should shock the modern student of business or management, but it underscores points that Peter Drucker started making decades ago. The first is that knowledge workers are much more mobile than other sorts of employees. Their means of production resides in large part between their ears, and they can walk off with it.”
  • How to tackle HR’s biggest concern: employee retention Resource Nation: “One of the most significant things companies can do to encourage long-term employment is foster a sense ownership in staff. There are several ways to do this, such as blending job responsibilities so that employees become familiar with various aspects of the business and can contribute in a broader way. Businesses can also mimic what Talent Plus, a small HR consulting firm based in Nebraska, does and replace regular performance reviews with one-on-one career investment discussions.”
  • Happy New Year! Employee retention rips from…your new puppy? Business2Community: “Nurture me. I will learn your rules if you provide them with respect, kindness and encouragement. If you give demands with negativity, I will not know what behavior can earn me rewards. If you provide me with incentives to do the right thing, I will very easily be motivated to continue that behavior!”
  • Reducing employee turnover – 12 tips for small businesses Capstone Brokerage: “Engage new employees quickly. Engage employees right away and reduce their time to proficiency. This way, new employees will be positively effecting your organization’s bottom line faster, and also feel more engaged and motivated. Socialization is an important part of integrating new employees, and helps new employees feel as though they are really part of the team.”

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