“Results not typical”

Did you ever see the “results not typical” comment at the bottom of an ad for some product? In the US, it once was* a legal loophole. Something like this:

“This miracle powder worked for this genetically engineered buxom red head with six-pack abs but probably won’t work for fat brunette cows eating Chicken McNuggets in front of the TV.”

It’s (1) potentially damaging (I almost tore my rotator cuff hurling a McNugget at the TV screen) and (2) costly (people blow a ton a money buying “results not typical” products and subsequently consulting with psychiatrists only to learn that it’s all their mother’s fault anyway).

Part of my job (and my nature) hasĀ  always been searching for the best, most innovative examples. In my mind, I see inspiration in the “non-typical.” I search for what is typical among non-typical programs and write about it. I hope to inspire. I hope people say, “we could do this…”

But be warned. If you don’t take a “results not typical” mindset when it comes to e-learning, you should. Be inspired but don’t try to be something you can’t. And don’t think you’ll do better than everyone else that is equally typical. You won’t.

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