Responsibility, Accountability and Ownership: Looking in the Mirror

Responsibility, Accountability and Ownership

Responsibility, accountability and ownership are core traits for every leader to embody. Accepting responsibility for your actions, being accountable for your results and taking ownership of your mistakes is not always easy, but required to truly lead.

The context
  • Responsibility – acknowledging that your life and actions are within your power and control.
  • Accountability – knowing that you have an obligation of responsibility and are answerable for your words, deeds and actions.
  • Ownership  – owning up to your words, actions and deeds no matter the outcomes.

At the core of these definitions is the understanding that you are in power, you are in control, it’s your obligation, you are answerable and you are the owner of your life and all of its outcomes. The above holds true no matter the circumstances of your life at this moment.

Live in the present

Being responsible, accountable and owning your life is living in the present. It’s accepting where you are right now and where you want to go in the future. Most importantly, it means letting go of your past, being the victim, and playing the blame game.

Not always easy

At times, this journey of integrity can be difficult and not always perfect. There are countless temptations and instances where taking the easy road may seem beneficial, less stressful and even feel right. Attuned emotional intelligence and self-awareness are the effective tools towards staying on the path of responsibility, accountability and ownership. They assist in creating space so a leader can make better distinctions between what feels good right now and what is important long term.

Looking in the mirror

Responsibility, accountability and ownership is knowing at your core you are the only one in charge of your life and how you view it. Leaders who understand and embody these attributes lead from a place of grounded integrity and are highly regarded, trusted and followed.

Are you one of these leaders?

Derek Lauber, ACC

image courtesy: meddygarnet

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