Resource Center Video: Preparing for the Next Talent War

If you’re starting to hire and want to add top talent to your team, you’re going to have to start by creating a top-notch recruiting process, says Jon Picoult, founder and principal of Watermark Consulting, in this video from the Monster Resource Center.

“You’ve just got this swell of people that have their heads up and are saying ‘Is there something better out there?’ And what better way to demonstrate there’s something better out there than how you treat them during that recruiting process,” he told said.

“Recruiting activities are so notorious for being devoid of basic human courtesy and professionalism,” including common experiences of submitting résumés that receive no response and interviewing with people who promise to be in touch and are never heard from again. When a business takes the time to develop a process that is both considerate and professional, it’s going to stand out, Picoult explained.

Remember, the hiring process is a two-way street. Candidates are evaluating your business at the same time as you’re evaluating them. You wouldn’t want to hire someone who was rude and unprofessional and prospective employees don’t want to work for a company acts that way either.

Moreover, the best people don’t have to settle for just any job offer, so if you want them to accept yours, you need to get serious about building a great recruiting process. If you do, says Picoult, those great people will take notice, take the opportunities you’re offering more seriously and refer your company to other top talent.

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