Reframing Change: Resolving Relationship Barriers

If you’re looking for a good book to read over the holidays, I have a suggestion: Reframing Change,
How to deal with workplace dynamics, influence others, and bring people
together to initiate positive change, by Latting and Ramsey. 

I’ll do a complete review of the book in the next two
weeks, but even though I haven’t finished reading, I want to recommend
this for your book shelf. 

The inside flap provides a quick focus. Should
managers and leaders and leaders be aloof and dispassionate, with
emotions kept clear of decision-making?  Hardly. . . . (Reframing
Change is) based on the premise that if people act with integrity and
learn to develop positive workplace relationships, a ripple effect can
engender similar changes in an organization as a whole.

The early chapters are especially useful at getting
at those personal behaviors that often result in relationship
barriers.  I’ve found the first couple chapters to be especially
readable, practical and well-focused on the workplace.  It’s also got
the cutting-edge stuff you won’t find anyplace else.

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