Reenergize an Association with Cloud-based LMS Membership

Association LMS MembershipsWhy pay membership dues to be part of an association when online groups are accessible, cheap and easy? For starters, membership based associations offer quality content and purposeful gatherings that allow members to pursue their hobbies and trades to the best of their abilities. Free groups that exist on social media networks cannot provide the same level of support.

While a number of membership associations are large and thriving, too many are dwindling due to a lackluster economy and the lure of free social media competitors. Reenergize an association by offering cloud-based LMS memberships.

What is a Cloud-based LMS?

LMS is the acronym for Learning Management System. It is an eLearning platform that enables associations to keep members informed, provide them with current information and collect dues. Because of its cloud-based nature there is no hardware to install or upgrade. This means that accessing the secure “members only” website is as easy as logging onto the internet.

With the promise of easy online communication tools and always accessible operations, members may be more drawn to renew their memberships, sign up for additional training classes, and recruit new members. In addition, a cloud-based LMS offers an evolved sense of community that can only be found online.

Renew Memberships

What is the current process for collecting membership dues? Associations that will thrive in the future need to have easy, secure online payment options. There are learning management system options that offer eCommerce packages to make it easy. Combined with other social LMS features, association leaders are able to collect membership dues, monitor association finances and charge non-members for classes and learning materials.

An Online Community

In some ways, the membership association may be known as the original “social network.” Long before the Internet, associations would gather people together who shared interests and professions. Now, people are accustomed to meeting kindred spirits online rather than in person. In order to reach out to new people while keeping the organization’s core values in place, it is necessary to move the community to a structured online environment – a cloud-based LMS.

With a social learning management system, it is possible to unite members, offer state-of-the-art tutorials and web conferences, and provide social media profiles that enables members to contact one another in real-time. It also expands the reach an association can have. An organization is no longer confined to a location. There is the possibility to attract members from all around the world.

Other group options that claim to have the same benefits as associations cannot operate at this capacity because they do not have the cash flow to provide premier services. But for those that can afford a flat rate subscription fee, a cloud-based LMS is the best way to host members and grow membership moving forward.

TOPYX® learning management system is a rare platform that offers services for a flat rate subscription fee. This means that an association can budget the cost of an LMS without worrying about paying per-member rates. Discover other exciting features TOPYX® offers associations. Click here to request a free LMS demo.

With these social learning features at their fingertips, association members are more likely to actively engage fellow members, special trainings, and learning material. As a result, the association can continue to increase membership and thrive in the future.

Jeffrey A. Roth
Vice President, Marketing and Communications
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