Redefining Employee Wellbeing in the work-from-home age

Date & Time: Tuesday, February 23, 2021 2:00 pm ET


Eva Velasquez, President/CEO, Identity Theft Resource Center

David Seifert, Vice President of Cyber Wellness Solutions, Aura Identity Guard

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Employee wellbeing isn’t just about physical and mental health anymore. Over the past five years – as research uncovered the impact that financial stress has on employees – employers broadened the scope of Employee Wellbeing to include financial wellness programs. And with the pandemic and remote workforces pushing rates of cybercrime to new highs – impacting employees and companies, alike – it’s time for employers to consider Cyber Wellness benefits as one of the critical pillars of Total Wellbeing.

In this webinar, David Seifert – Vice President of Cyber Wellness at Aura – and Eva Velasquez – president and CEO of the Identity Theft Resource Center – will discuss:

  • How the traditional Total Wellbeing landscape has changed in recent years and research illustrating how Cyber, Financial, Physical, and Mental Wellness are inextricably linked
  • Cyber risks – like unsecure home networks – inherent to remote work and how work from home culture has helped create a “cyber pandemic”
  • The physical, mental, and financial impacts experienced by victims of cybercrime and why this translates into costs for employers
  • Trends in state regulations and compliance to address the intersection of identity, privacy, and cyber that might impact your organization
  • Research illustrating the value that Cyber Wellness benefits can have on employees and how this translates into a workforce of front-line defenders protecting the enterprise from cyber intrusion

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