Recruiting through the Holiday Season

Now that the clocks have fallen back and the holiday season is officially upon us, we notice that hiring starts to slow down and in some cases comes to a halt.  Managers are using their PTO time that they have been saving all year.  Companies are looking at their end of year budgets and evaluating which positions can hold off until the new year.  As a recruiter, what does this mean?  How do we adjust?  In reality, this can be the most productive time of year.  This is the time to revisit the things that may have slipped by while we were busy sourcing, recruiting and hopefully successfully filling positions. So what are some of these things?

Build Pipelines – We should have an idea of the types of positions that we spent the most time finding candidates for throughout the year.  Why not find more of these people?  It never hurts to have 3 to 5 solid candidates ready just in case something changes – a promotion, additional headcount, etc.

Review Job Descriptions – After spending a year with the same job descriptions, you become familiar with what the most important requirements are and what the “nice to haves” might be.  Take this time to review the job descriptions that may have changed/adjusted.

Organize – There’s never a bad time organize, but sometimes when you are busy multi-tasking, organization falls to the bottom of the list.  Having some downtime at the end of the year is a perfect time to catch up on organizing your email folders, updating your database with those candidates who may have slipped by, and/or preparing your “desk” for the new year.

Network – Networking is essential throughout the year, however why not use the extra time to grow and/or revisit your networks.  Even if it’s just a quick hello or a “Happy Holiday”, it’s always good to remind people that you are there.

Let’s not “fall back” with the clocks.  Push forward through the holidays and jump into the New Year ready to go.

By Laurie Mullins-Darcy | People Science Sr Talent Advisor


From our inception in 1997, companies have relied on People Science to “break the code” of their toughest and most complicated recruiting efforts. Acknowledging the importance of taking a fresh approach when in a War for Talent, we challenge ourselves to create processes, methodology and “out of the box” recruiting ideas to bring resolution to our clients’ critical staffing goals. As a result we have completed many RPO projects in our tenure and consider ourselves pioneers in the field of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). People Science provides End to End, Augmentation and Project RPO Services.

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